How it works

Manage your finances

Manage your Lombard account so you can minimise or avoid paying interest on your Lombard purchases.

Online Access

Online Access allows you to view your transactions, balance and available credit whenever it’s convenient for you. Use your Lombard account online to:

  • activate your card
  • pay your bills via BPAY online
  • update your contact details

Our easy to read statements, make it easier for you to manage your repayments so you can minimise or never pay interest on a Lombard account purchase.

Not only do we provide a breakdown of your Interest Free purchases, our statements display how much is owing, what needs to be paid and the Interest Free end date for every promotional transaction – so that you don’t miss a thing.

Protect the environment and stay paper free with email statements. By requesting email statements you also avoid paying a $1 (changing to $2.50 from 20 Jan 2018) paper statement fee each month.

Register for e-statements

Manage your repayments with Direct Debit

Manage your repayments so you can minimise or never pay interest on your Lombard account purchases by setting up a Direct Debit payment arrangement.

Nominate a fixed amount to pay every month that will allow you to repay your Lombard account purchases within the Interest Free Term or within a promotional rate term. If you need help calculating this, call us and our Customer Service team will calculate this for you.

By setting up a direct debit, you also avoid paying a $2.50 Payment Handling Fee on each non-direct debit payment made.

For more information on repayments and managing your Lombard account