Lombard Dick Smith card FAQs

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  • > General terms

    • Who can apply for a Lombard Dick Smith card?

      Anyone can apply for a Lombard Dick Smith Card as long as they are;

      • A permanent resident of Australia
      • Currently employed full time, employed permanent part-time or permanent casual (25+ set hours per week) and earn over $25,000 gross per year
      • Have a good credit rating
    • What is an Interest Free Term?

      It is a period of time in which you do not have to pay any interest on your Lombard purchase. Interest is payable on any balance outstanding after the Interest Free Term at the Standard Variable Rate applicable to your Lombard account.

    • What is a deferred payment?

      Where a deferred payment period applies, you are not required to make repayments until the end of the deferred payment period. Repayments are only included in the calculation of the Minimum Monthly Payment after the deferred payment period expires. No Interest will be charged on a Lombard account during a deferred payment period.

    • Have you forgotten your password?

      If you’ve forgotten your password please click login at the top right-hand corner of our website and then select ‘Customer’. Once here, click the ‘Forgotten your password’ link and follow the prompts.

  • > Using your Lombard Dick Smith card

    • How do I activate my Lombard Dick Smith card?

      To activate your Lombard Dick Smith card, simply call 1300 132 301. Alternatively, log in to Online Access and activate your Lombard Dick Smith card online.

    • Can I make additional purchases on my Lombard account?

      Yes. The next time you wish to shop and take advantage of an Interest Free offer at participating Lombard retailers, simply have your Lombard account number and ID handy, and present this to the sales consultant. The store will process an additional purchase for you. For all other purchases at non-Lombard retailers, simply swipe/dip your Lombard Dick Smith card and make your purchase to take advantage of our standard Interest Free terms on your Lombard account.

    • Can I change my PIN?

      Yes. As long as you know your current PIN number you can change your PIN at any rediATM displaying the "change PIN" option.

      To locate a rediATM close to you, visit their website here.

    • What’s the maximum credit limit?

      You can apply to borrow up to $30,000. Your eligibility for credit is subject to our lending criteria and a credit assessment.

    • How do I increase my credit limit?

      Call 1300 132 301 and our Customer Service team will assist you with a credit limit increase application, subject to our eligibility criteria.

    • Can I make cash withdrawals on my Lombard Dick Smith card?

      Yes. You can use your Lombard Dick Smith card to withdraw cash from your Lombard account at any ATM or via EFTPOS. Cash withdrawals do not qualify for the 55 Day Interest Free Term or for any other Interest Free promotional period. Cash withdrawals attract interest at the applicable Standard Variable Rate from the date of the transaction plus cash advance fees.

    • What are the daily withdrawal limits?

      With the Lombard Dick Smith card, you can withdraw up to $500 a day using an NAB or REDI teller atm.
      If you use any other atm, you can still withdraw funds but only up to $490 a day.
      There is also a $5,000 a day purchase limit when purchasing items through the EFTPOS network.

    • Do cash withdrawals affect my Interest Free transactions?

      No. Cash withdrawals will not affect any Interest Free Term or promotional purchase you may have made on your Lombard account.

    • Can I access my Lombard account online?

      Yes. If you haven’t already registered for Online Access, and you’d like to, contact our Customer Service team on 1300 132 301.

    • What do I do if my Lombard Dick Smith card is lost or stolen?

      Please call us on 1300 132 301 immediately. Alternatively you can contact the Visa Card Hotline on 1800 648 027. If you’re going overseas, contact us before you depart and tell us where you’re going so we can give you the Visa Card Hotline number for that country. Otherwise, the general overseas Visa card hotline number is + 61 2 8299 9101.

      Your Lombard Dick Smith card may not work overseas if you don't tell us you are planning on travelling. Please call us on 1300 132 301 to make sure your Lombard Dick Smith card can be used at your destination(s).

  • > Repayments

    • How can I make repayments?

      Make monthly repayments by direct debit from your nominated bank account, via BPAY or POSTbillpay.

    • When are repayments due?

      Your first repayment is due 55 days after your Lombard account is opened and then every month thereafter. If your first purchase has a deferred payment period, your first repayment will be due once the deferred payment period ends. Please note that you can choose to start making repayments before they become due.

    • How do I know when a payment is due?

      A statement will be sent to you every month by post or email, two weeks before the payment is due, specifying the due date and the amount due. Your first statement will be sent to you one month after your Lombard account is opened.

    • What do I do if I can't make a repayment?

      If you are having any concerns or difficulties in making your minimum monthly repayments or immediately paying any overdue amounts please contact us immediately on 1300 132 301

    • How do I cancel my Lombard account?

      After your Lombard account is paid in full, you can request to close your Lombard account by contacting us on 1300 132 301

    • Is there an early payout fee?

      Customers who pay out their account before the Interest Free period do not incur an early payment fee.
      It's completely up to you if you want to pay the loan out sooner or later.

    • What are the BPAY payment details?

      BPAY payments can be made through your financial institution to repay your Lombard Account.

      To make a payment via BPAY you will need the following information;

      • Lombard Finance BPAY biller code: 100 032
      • Customer reference number: (Your Lombard Dick Smith card number - 16 digits on the front of the card)