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Use your Android smartphone to make Lombard card purchases on your Lombard account anywhere Visa payWave is accepted for card purchases up to $100, subject to your available credit limit.

With your smartphone

You don’t even need to carry your Lombard card with you. With the Lombard Tap2Pay app, you can use your AndroidTM smartphone to make purchases on your Lombard account anywhere Visa payWave is accepted.

Quick, secure and convenient
  • Make contactless payments at any Visa payWave POS terminal
  • Tap and pay for purchases up to your available credit limit. For purchases over $100, a PIN is required
  • No need for a Pay Tag, special stickers, phone sleeve or SIM card
  • View your available credit on your phone
  • Secure, encrypted storage of all confidential information
  • Comprehensive fraud management protection
Get it now in 3 easy steps
  1. Simply download the Lombard Tap2Pay app from the Google Play™ Store.


  2. Register your Lombard card by entering:
    1. Your card number expiry date
    2. CVV (the 3-digit number on the back of your card), and
    3. Your PIN
  3. Create a Lombard Tap2Pay passcode to log in to the app

And you’re ready to start paying with your phone in store!

Download now

Important info

A few things you need to know when using this app:

  • Lombard Tap2Pay is only available to Lombard customers with active Visa payWave debit cards.
  • The Lombard Tap2Pay app is optimised for use with NFC-enabled AndroidTM phones running KitKat4.4.x or later. You can check that you have the required software on your phone, by going to ‘Settings’ and ‘About’ device. You should then be able to view your ‘AndroidTM version’.
  • The app will use the internet to connect with the Lombard systems. Your mobile service provider may charge data usage for using this service.

To find out more, please read the terms & conditions before you download the app.