Why Lombard?

Why wait when you can buy it now,
with generous Interest Free terms?

Seen a big ticket item but don’t want to pay for it up front or pay high interest rates on your current credit card? With a Lombard account you don’t have to. You can get more out of life right now with generous
Interest Free terms.


    Let’s say you’ve found the
    sofa of your dreams...

    You want it right now. But you don’t want to pay cash for it up front. Having a Lombard account means you can buy
    the sofa right away.


    Get what you want,
    when you want it

    Shop with our retail partners to benefit from Interest Free terms. Applying is easy. Once approved, enjoy ongoing Interest Free shopping through our retail partner network.


    Manage your Interest
    Free term

    Budget the monthly repayments, pay back
    the full amount within the Interest Free term and you won't pay a cent of interest.

See how much you can save with a Lombard card, compared to a credit card.

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